Thursday, July 2, 2009

HPKCHC Charms Assignment July 2009

Dragonsinger of Hufflepuff turning in her Charms assignment

Tomorrow night, I will have the pleasure of consorting with like minded wizards and witches when I meet some friends in Tulsa for wizard rock and Pottercast Live. I thought it would be nice to make wristwarmers for the girls I'll be sharing a room with there. However, time crept up on me and since two were Gryffindor, I used the geminio spell not once but twice.

The first time was after I crocheted the first wristwarmer and used the spell to duplicate it and make a complete pair. However, since there were two and I could not give one without the other, I used the spell again and as you can see I know have the needed two pairs for my friends.


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