Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes, the SSHG Exchange as had the Big Reveal and I can now share that my wonderful art, Master & Apprentice, found here, was done for me by the wonderful .  Thank you so very much!  I love it :D  I was also the lovely recipient of an icon created from 's work by

I can also share a piece of work I have been keeping silent about for ages!  I was paired to gift and choose her craft prompt which resulted in the crochet piece Complementary Talents shown both sides here:

100_5294 100_5292

A special thanks to who created the wonderful icon seen here and two others from my crochet piece for me :D

Oh and it also has a little surprise that has been a result of the crafting, a drabble which I would like to thank for betaing it for me that is found here on The Petulant Poetess and is called The Project

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, Lady Karelia reminded me that I was a bit over due for one of these again.  Guess I'd better post what I've been up to crafts-wise since my last one in mid September.

A 9" square for a comfortghan


More prayer shawls and prayer lapghans:


mc prayer shawl 21

mc prayer shawl 20

mc prayer shawl 19

mc prayer shawl 19

mc prayer shawl 15

mc prayer shawl 18

mc prayer shawl 14

mc prayer lapghan 3  13

mc prayer shawl 17

mc lapghan 4


mc prayer shawl 12



Once I get the December 2011 pattern from the group on rav, it will be 24 squares for an afghan for Sir Dragon Preacher. He selected the colors:

100_6073 100_6072 100_6071 100_6070 100_6069 100_6065 100_6060 100_6025 100_6024 100_6022 100_6021 100_6019 100_6018 100_6017 100_6015 100_6014 100_6013 100_6012 100_6011 100_6005 100_6004

A Hogwarts Grounds themed Reducio swap package that included Hagrid's Hut, Hagrid and a mini sock in house colors:

A matching Market Bag and Bottle Carrier for a friend here:

100_6020 dc's water sling

A Molly for trade. Which took me forever to find a box to fit but finally got one this week!!


6" squares for The Linus Connection:

100_6009 100_6008

An entry/contribution afghan for Linus Connection:

crossing time and space b

A "Queen Anne's Lace Scarf"

100_6007 100_6006

Some Bottle Carriers for the Fall Bazaar sale that's they hold at the church I work at