Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes, the SSHG Exchange as had the Big Reveal and I can now share that my wonderful art, Master & Apprentice, found here, was done for me by the wonderful .  Thank you so very much!  I love it :D  I was also the lovely recipient of an icon created from 's work by

I can also share a piece of work I have been keeping silent about for ages!  I was paired to gift and choose her craft prompt which resulted in the crochet piece Complementary Talents shown both sides here:

100_5294 100_5292

A special thanks to who created the wonderful icon seen here and two others from my crochet piece for me :D

Oh and it also has a little surprise that has been a result of the crafting, a drabble which I would like to thank for betaing it for me that is found here on The Petulant Poetess and is called The Project

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