Friday, December 4, 2009

HSKS9 - My Swap Arrived

My swap kit from Celestina Pettigrew (SherryHarrison on Ravelry) came yesterday for the HSKS 9 Quidditch Cup Swap and it is absolutely awesome

A beautifully knit red bag that was not only in the Wigtown Wanderer colors but one of my fav colors as well. Yarn, hook and patterns for a cowl set. A cute little Hufflepuff bookscarf and a Hufflepuff tape measure (Huzzah Hufflepuff :D). A dozen homemade cookies in a lovely tin (yeah yeah I know there's only 11 in the photo *grins*). A set of cards that are each a crochet block pattern, blood pops, a Hufflepuff sticker and cards! Thank you Celestina :)



Lizzie Wychwood said...

Wow, that is a truly awesome package, and very seasonal too!

Clara Clovenhoof said...

Awesome kit! The bag looks awesome and I love the Hufflepuff stuff you got as well! Oooh and the cookies look fantastic :D

Sarah said...

That looks awesome! And check out the tasty treats, mmm!

Violet Starfire said...

Great kit! So happy that you got spoiled so well!
I want to snag that bag! ; )