Sunday, March 28, 2010

HSKS 10 - Assignment 1 - Favorite Character(s)

The first assignment for this term at Hogwarts will be to take your three characters that you chose and write a little bit on why you chose those characters, why you love those characters so much.
Did you choose the character because you could see a PERFECT kit? What would be in that kit?

Did you choose the character because you love they're descriptions?

Did you choose this character because of personality traits? Do you love the straightforwardness of the character, the bravery of that character, the haughtiness of that character, the hot-headedness of that character?

Do you identify with that character? Why or How?
It's no contest who my favorite HP Character has become. Molly Weasley.

I think the first clue might be the over forty Molly sweaters I've crocheted over the past four years? Maybe the fact she's the only character in HP I've cosplayed at various conferences?

There are so many things about Molly that are a part of me. Obviously the crafting for one. The red hair (yes I'm a natural born redhead). The love of family though I only have three children (adults all now) and the ability to make do and be happy with what she has.

I'm a pastor's wife. Ever notice that pastor preacher and poor all begin with the same letter? Ok let me make one thing clear. Poor only refers to financially. We make ends meet and we get things covered somehow but when it comes to love and the important things in life? Not at all poor. Much like Molly.

Mess with her family and forget it. You don't mess with my children or my husband. Don't even try. AK would be too merciful.

My second choice was Minerva McGonagall and I that was because of her scottish heritage (I'm Clan Cameron married into Clan Cochran) and the teaching (having worked as a substitute for several year). I also totally love her no nonsense attitude yet her ability to work outside the box when necessary (recruiting Harry as seeker). Her strong determination and loyalty are qualities I hope I possess.

Finally, I also selected Arthur Weasley because he and Molly as a couple are perfect together and I love his fascination with batteries and rubber ducks and all things muggle!

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Intarsia Bindoff said...

This gave me some ideas for how to spoil you.

But I must confess I find it a little difficult since you have made 40 Molly Weasley sweaters!