Monday, April 19, 2010

HSKS 10 - House Assignment Week 4

Blog about one of the following topics:
--- A day in the eyes of my shoes (literally pretend you are you're shoes)
--- "What I did this weekend"
--- "My Favorite Super Hero and Why they're my favorite"
--- Think of a moment that really defined who you are today. Tell us about it.
--- Write a story about the dumbest invention that everybody owns.
--- Imagine you are your favorite animal. Write about the journey you go through as this animal.

What I did this weekend? Well, not much really out of the ordinary. Except for working on my son's graduation present. No photos yet but I've charted an afghan that has his school initials, their motto and the year at the bottom. It's 155 stitches wide and 160 rows long. The background is white, school initials and year done in grey. Motto is royal blue. I'm using the extended single crochet through out and once finished, making another hopefully for his roommate/friend as well. Managed to complete about half of it over the weekend.


Hermione Bagnold said...

It really shouldn't surprise me how quickly you've managed to get that far on such a project...and yet, I'm pretty

Sarah said...

That sounds like an awesome graduation gift!