Monday, September 7, 2009

HaR Divinations Parts 1 through 3

Divinations assignments

I began with a cup of Ginger Snap Tea and found the following in my cup:


A stalk - person, female (length shorter than other stalks in the blend)
A boat - visit from a friend, safe refuge
A crescent - a journey

Having a female friend who lives in another town, I am h oping we can spend some time together before she moves and it seems according to this, we will as it seems a journey to her town is in the future. Knowing she is moving to a cooler climate than where she is now, I thought a nice lacy hat would be a good gift when I see her. Feeling that the leaves led to this pattern which employed v-stitches and shell stitches to achieve a lace effect. However, it seemed not quite right. Something was missing.

Perhaps an aura reading was in order. Doing so, I found a picot edging would add a nice finishing touch to the cap.

Yet still something was missing... pulling out my trusty crystal ball, I spent time focusing and gazing, trying to find the missing piece to make the cap just right.


Bobbles! Yes, definitely bobbles and so I added approximately 2" of bobble rows. Each row is an alternated stitch of bobble and single crochet.

Topped with that picot edging.

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