Sunday, September 13, 2009

HaR Transfiguration September 2009

Temporary Transfiguration Homework

After mastering Permanent Transfigurations, the student will then move onto the more difficult spells for Temporary Transfigurations. As implied, these spells can be undone. There may be several forms an object can be transfigured into. Caution should be exercised before exercising these spells on a human. For our course, the spells will be restricted to clothing. The student may choose from the following patterns, or use their own pattern with teacher approval:

The [Convertible Cowl](pattern)


Which can be worn as a hood... However, somewhere in the uploading the photo never made it *sobs* so I have not photo of my friend wearing it that way

As a neck warmer

AND in our hot Oklahoma summers, when its too warm to wear it, it can even double as a centerpiece doily *grins*


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