Sunday, September 13, 2009

Triwizard Challenge - Second Task

The Second Task - The Lake

The second task,required the Champions to rescue people who were dear to them from the settlement of the merpeople in the lake.

I thought long and hard on this Task…

The inspiration for this task comes from this statement…

Harry’s decent showing and ethical behaviour in this Challenge lead the other Champions to believe that Harry is, in fact, a worthy contender. Harry’s choosing to try and save the other hostages earned him extra points from the judges for “moral fiber.”

In this Task you are charged with showing the ”Moral Fiber” that Harry did! You are charged to knit/crochet something for someone who needs help or support or just a reminder that she/he is not alone in the world. Charity possibilities can be anything! You can even make something for that friend who is down in the dumps or that special someone who needs remembered during the Holidays ahead.

My friend has begun walking with her husband each morning for their health. Right now, she is also dealing with their adult daughter needing surgery and having to help with their grandson during her recovery. I made her this cowl for when the winter months come and the cold would try to keep her from walking


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