Sunday, August 16, 2009

HSKS8 Summer Games Activity 7

Billywig Cabin won again! Yay!

Game 7 was Follow the Patronus and the leader

followed her patronus to various locations and found various bits of written things left behind by people that were active in the end of Voldemort’s reign and life. I will be sharing those clues with you today/tonight, starting here. ....Follow that clue to a distant relative of the author of the clue to find the next one. Please remember, though, that it will likely take about 5 minutes to hike to the next location of the following clue! And I will say again, when you find the last clue to take you to the chat room to wait for everyone else to join us, sign in with your Potter name! If you do not, your cabin will not get the credit!
The clues were small snippets of dialogue and we had to determine from the snippet who wrote it. Then from that, figure out who is related to that author (according to shared name) and check their blog for the next clue.

And Billywigs won!

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