Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letter from Camp

Hello Mudda,
hello Fadda,
Camp's almost ovah
Makes me saddah.
Counsler Bevin
has us drinking,
And that billywig is even stopped and blinking.

I went egghunting
with my cabin;
Counselors hid 'em
and we found 'em.
You remember
Piper Poplartree;
She got taken to the ER but is now free.

All the counselors
have been knitting,
And the trees have
cozys fitting,
And the headmistress
thinks its quitting,
If we stop buying yarn and jsut are waiting.

Now I don't want
that this should scare you,
But Wisteria
has pink hair now.
Seems her cousin
Thistle pranked her,
and the look is rather bright with glare.

Let me stay, oh
Mudda, Fadda,
Let me stay, I
don't make me saddah!
Don't take me
home from here,
All my friends have become so dear.

Let me stay,
I need the yarn and patterns,
All to crochet
with other campers,
O please Just
let me stay,
I've wanna be here much more days.

Dearest Father,
Darling Mother,
How's my precious
little angora?
Send it to me
I can use it,
I promised Prendolyn that she could knit it.

Wait a minute,
Hermione's waving
There's a yarn sale,
we're all racing.
to the store now,
gee that's betta,
Mudda, Fadda kindly send the family credits!


Ambyr Phoenixfyre said...

Oh my gosh ...this was hilarious! Makes a great ending to a fantabulous summer!

Wisteria Lovegoods said...

Absolutely fantastic!! Bravo...bravo!!

CelticMommy said...

Super cool Rowan! I LOVE it!!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Hahahahaha! Genious!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Fleur Dolohov said...

That was awesome.