Friday, August 14, 2009

NAIME Care of Magical Creatures August 2009


We will be learning about merpeople.

As some of you know, these magical, mysterious creatures refused the “Being” status in favor of “Beast” for they would not be in the same classification as Hags and Vampires (and who could blame them?).

Merpeople live underwater but can breathe above for a period of time. They talk Mermish, which can be spoken by very few wizards. They also love music and keep Grindylows as pets.

Sirens, selkies and Merrows are all considered merpeople. Sirens are the most commonly known, even among muggles. That is because they are very pleasing to the eye.

For your assignment, students should knit, crochet or spin:

  • Something related to the sea.

Dragonsinger presenting her good friend, Molly Mermaid!


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