Sunday, October 25, 2009

HaR History of Magic Part 1 - Quidditch Gauntlets

History of Magic
Professor Adais

Professor Binns has finally realized he is a ghost, and promptly decided he should retire to do all the things he never did when he was alive. So- it is my privilege to take over for him as the History of Magic professor. As such- I will focus on the APPLIED approach, as to not bore my students into a snoring stupor. :D

APPLIED History of Magic Syllabus

As I KNOW I’m not the only teacher giving homework- I have decided to approach HoM as a gradual course.

Each term, we will study ONE topic in depth. Students will have two projects (and one optional extra credit projects) to complete. Since Quidditch is so popular- the first term will be devoted to this popular subject.

Due dates and points:

* The first project is due by the end of class. It will be worth 10 points.

SHOULD you not be able to complete the projects by the end of class- you may complete them and turn them in before the end of the TERM for reduced points.

Project One: Quidditch Gauntlets
ANY gauntlet or fingerless mitten/gove pattern will do as long as it extends past your wrist. Also- if you want to tackle actual gloves- be my guest.

Quidditch guantlets:

Done in Slytherin green as a gift for my friend, Narcissa :D


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