Saturday, October 10, 2009

Triwizard Challenge - Second Task

Task Two

Last time we focused on doing something for someone we loved. The other part of the original task was to swim to the bottom of the lake. This time around, we will focus on the lake itself. Make things that remind us of the lake in some way: things that are the color of the lake; things that have wave patterns in them; or things you can use in or near a lake (swimsuits, coverups, etc)

The champions were required to swim to the bottom of the lake to retrieve thier friends. You task is to make something that has to do with a lake. WIPs and New projects accepted. If it is a WIP please post before and after pictures.

Possable options include but are not limited to

  • color of water

Completing Task 2 with a Jiffy shell stitch afghan the color of water, dark blue like the night seas



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