Sunday, October 25, 2009

HPKCHC Arithmancy Assignment October 2009

Welcome to Arithmancy!

Please take out parchment and quills.

This month we will be learning the term: ”Binary”.

Binary means: composed of two parts or two pieces.

In Mathematics, a binary function, or function of two variables, is a function which takes two inputs.

For your assignment this month:

Knitters/ crochetters:

  1. Two items that complement each other or make a set. For example, matching gloves and scarf. Or a scarf and a hat. (Note: a pair of gloves counts as just one item). Make them as a set. Please explain why you would wear them together. They don’t HAVE to be the same color but they have to match in some way. or

When one has two friends in the wizarding world with similiar tastes, to make something for one and not the other could result in problems......

....... especially when one is Narcissa Malfoy and the other works for the Ministry as an auror! So below is my solution, two sets of [Josephine Gauntlets](pattern), one in Narcissa's Slytherin Green and one in Auror Piper Poplartree's favorite color purple!



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