Saturday, June 27, 2009

Funtimes with Prendolyn the Weird

Yesterday Prendolyn the Wierd (who also goes by the nickname archerpren) and I had an outing at a nearby town called Tulsa. About 2.5 hours from me, it gave us a chance to further get to know each other. We met up at Brookdale by Day for a delicious breakfast, my choice being the #6 omelet done with egg whites and containing chicken, spinach, mushroom and swiss cheese.

Pren is as great in person as 'at camp' and we had a great time after which we checked out a nearby LYS named Stitches at which I found cotton yarn on sale 75% off so 4 balls for the price of 1 :D

But eventually it became time to go separate ways but not before a few photos together

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Super Jenn! said...

That omelet is making me HUNGRY! LOL