Sunday, June 28, 2009

HPKCHC DADA Assignment June 2009

I respectfully submit one defeated Cruiatus curse in the form of my Ren Faire Shawl.

Back when we first moved into this particular house, I began a quick easy shawl of homespun on size 13 long straight needles for my first knitting project. (Did I mention we moved in here four years ago this month?) What could be simpler than a triangle shawl in garter stitch? So beginning it just before I began this job (Did I mention I'll be at this job four years this August 1st?), I would take it to work to knit on my free time or at home when watching tv with my hubby. That October, I set it aside to work on gifts... or at least that was my first excuse.

It became the project I hid.. under sweater sections, under boxes, under whatever I could bury it under. Even other WIP's. It went to the bottom of stacks and when I would spy it begging to be finished, I'd quickly cover it having no desire to face that quick simple easy boring tedious garter stitch.

Until this class (Did I mention this is now four years later). Determined it would no longer crucio me, I picked it up and went to work only to have it shoot one last cruciatus at me..... I had to buy circular 13's to finish it.... Did I mention I hate circular needles?

However, I now present my finished project



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