Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HPKCHC Muggle Studies Assignment June 2009

My employer, Mr. Arthur Weasley has always been fascinated by the muggles and their inventions. One particular item has held strong interest by him, the muggle Rubber Ducky. It seems the muggles place great pride in their rubber duckys, for few muggle bathrooms are without them. They even write songs praising the virtues of the Rubber Ducky as you can see by these lyrics.

Mr. Weasley has been researching this matter and seemed to notice the popularity of Rubber Duckys increased at the same apparent rate as the muggles' usage of 'Electricity' and has come to the theory that these Rubber Duckys protect muggles frome electrocution when immersed in water in their bathtubs, as this seems to be the primary time for muggles to use these Rubber Duckys.

Based on Mr. Weasley's years of research, I humbly present a Rubber Ducky for your approval.

It seems this ducky encourage muggle children to submit themselves to cleaning and bathing, something we wizard parents do not need to do as we have various cleaning spells to remove dirt and grime from our children (Yes, I have used scourgify on my son after soccer games played in mud thank you very much!)

Dragonsinger of Hufflepuff


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