Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HSKS8 Where I Fit in Wingo!

Taking a tip from Hermione Bagnold, hope this helps :

W1 I live in LeFlore County, Oklahoma
W3 Dark Chocolate, coconut, butterscotch
W4 from USA

I2 I'm an only child
I4 78 in queue

N1 Dragon
N2 Have been to Lexington KY Castle
N3 Yep
N4 Yes
N5 Dragons, thimbles

G1 HKSK 2 & 3
G2 September
G4 Lady MacBeth, my firelizard

O2 Hufflepuff/Billywig Cabin
O3 Yes - Washington DC, Newark, NJ, NYC,
05 Yes

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